mostlypoptarts asked: "i have had size 11 feet since 7th grade (more weird facts abt me)"

i love all these weird facts about you caroline, the other ones are great but i was inspired the quickest by this one.

i also wore size 11 shoes in 7th grade! however i wear size 9 shoes now. ever since i was little i hated the feeling of my toes being cramped so for 12 years of my life i was wearing shoes 2 sizes too big. i used to have a “wiggle test” where if i couldn’t wiggle my toes in all directions i would tell my mom the shoes were too small. but once i started wearing flats (or basically any shoes that didn’t lace or velcro closed) i realized that shoes that are too big tend to fall off. and when you’re already a clumsy amazon woman you don’t want to trip over your shoes all the time. 

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im in the mood to receive a check for six hundred thousand dollars