andthenisay asked: "girl, what's your new hair look like?"

like this!


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IT’S MILEVA’S BIRTHDAY (or it was before my computer ruined the timeliness of this post. fashionably late is a thing for birthdays, right?)
so here is her annual birthday video in which i sing to her a song of her request. I love you Mileva, i hope your birthday was better than this video.

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have this selfie while i wait to skype my best friend in micronesia so we can talk about teen wolf 

have this selfie while i wait to skype my best friend in micronesia so we can talk about teen wolf 

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4 Fast and Easy Hairstyles For Thick Hair (Or For Lazy People)

There are approximately 6 million “Easy Updo” tutorials on the internet (give or take) purporting to teach the secret to doing a twisted chignon with a braided headband in 5 minutes or less (the secret is having 4 hands, eyes on the back of your head, and a degree from cosmetology school). What all of these tutorials neglect to mention is that they only apply to girls with goldilocks hair: not too thin, not too thick, just right. Must be nice. I happen to have thick hair. Like, really fucking thick. Like, takes 6 hours to air-dry thick. And all of those instructional posts and videos feel like a damn lie to me. Even the ones that explicitly say they are for thick hair are bullshit. Have you ever tried to do milkmaid braids on hair that weighs 10 pounds while dry? Clearly not, so check your thin hair privilege. This is a tutorial for super hella thick haired ladies who know the struggle. (Note: this tutorial also applies to ladies who are lazy or completely inept in the ways of hairstyling) 

What you will need:

  • hair
  • hair tie

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when you’re unemployed it’s important to put on real clothes and mascara sometimes so that you remember what it feels like to be a productive member of society

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